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Roadtrip Hobo

Grab your bag and grab your coat, for we are headed to the open road.

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Star Gazer

Meet your Dream Bag. Inspired by a 70's find in a Brooklyn vintage shop. This bag started it all.

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Moon Clutch

If you find yourself often gazing at the sun, moon & stars, then this bag is for you.

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World of Bobbi

Traveling beyond border and over many seas, crafting the concept that would become Bobbi. Forever falling for the sweet sounds of Summer and gazing at the sun, moon and stars. Eventually drifting back to Brooklyn, my love, my life, my home. Based in Brooklyn but always searching for the beauty to behold.

Grab your bag and grab your coat, for we are headed to the open road.

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The Journey

Bobbi is a lifelong journey that began from a love of all things leather and endless adventures. Forever a free spirit, I lived my dream working in the NY fashion industry, traveling the world and gathering inspiration. I want to share all my inspiration and their stories. Bobbi is my space to create meaningful pieces I adore.

The name Bobbi is an ode to my father who was spiritually connected. He always reminded me we are connected to the sun, moon and stars. You'll find hand finished details of the sun, the moon or the stars in each piece. I design with purpose and meaning so there is a story behind everything I create. Bobbi transports you to a time when music, long roadtrips and love shaped our world. Enjoy the ride!

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