The Story

The name Bobbi is an ode to my father, who believed we are all connected to the sun, moon, and stars. You’ll find hand finished details of the sun, moon or stars in everything I do. I design with purpose and meaning so there is a story behind everything I create.

Bobbi will transport you to a time when music, long road trips and a love of our planet shaped our world. Enjoy the trip.

Planet Earth

I have always believed less is more. We are all connected to the planet, and we are all responsible to take care of it. I create timeless designs, outside the relentless cycle of seasonal trends.  I keep production on a limited scale to ensure every piece is special.

I minimize waste in every aspect possible.  All paper is recycled and I’m careful to keep packaging to a minimum. I only use hardware when it’s needed and meaningful.

I know I am only doing a very small part to make a difference, but were all in this together and even small changes, moves us toward positive change for our planet.

People & Community

I intentionally keep our production small and have a design and maker sensibility. I’ve been working with the same vendors for the past 10 years and have built meaningful friendships.   My vendors are my friends and partners. I have a high appreciation for their craft, and I cherish their partnership.